Scott Krahling | Krahling will follow through, get things done
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31 Oct Krahling will follow through, get things done

The following appeared in the October 30, 2016 Las Cruces Sun News Letters to the Editor:

I have voted for Scott Krahling as our next county clerk. I served with him while he was a county commissioner and I admire what he has done since then in the County Clerk’s Office. He has served not only in a leadership position as a county commissioner, but also served in the Bureau of Elections, and now in the office of the County Clerk. He is a public servant in the true sense, as demonstrated by his many initiatives.

As a commissioner, Scott began the Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying, created PTSD Awareness Day, coordinated with constituents to develop a flood control plan in the East Mesa, partnered with NMSU to revise the Code of Conduct, and instituted annual ethics training for county employees. As a commissioner, he was compassionate, fair, thoughtful and creative. He did not make decisions in a partisan manner. He supported business initiatives and supported community development issues based, always, on the merit of the proposal.

As chief deputy county clerk, Scott has administered fair elections for all voters with trustworthy results. This year he developed an effective bilingual community-outreach program that resulted in more than 1,000 newly registered voters, including 400 students. Scott ran a very successful primary election and his initiatives resulted in an increase in voter turnout. I was able to vote early, at a convenience center, as a result of initiatives that Scott supported and developed. At the primary, I was able to vote on a Saturday.

If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, based on my experience, Scott will follow through and get things done. Scott Krahling is a man of integrity, holds true to his values, and makes solid decisions with people at the center. For these reasons I support Scott as our next county clerk.

Karen Perez,

former county

commissioner, District 3

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