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25 Oct Krahling is Our Choice for Clerk

The Las Cruces Sun News made the following endorsement of our campaign on Oct. 3.

“County Clerk Lynn Ellins is completing his second term, and is prohibited from running for re-election. He deserves credit for bringing professionalism and integrity to an office that had been plagued by mismanagement in the past. Krahling has been chief deputy clerk since September 2014, and prior to that had been supervisor of the Bureau of Elections. He has both the experience and the dedication needed to continue with and improve upon the positive changes made by Ellins.

Krahling took a leading role in addressing the one major problem that did happen under Ellins’ watch when employees used their access to voter registration rolls to steal data used in an income tax identity fraud scam. Krahling put together a bipartisan task force to suggest structural changes to make the data more secure in the future.

Krahling has led a number of initiatives to make voting easier, opening more early voting locations and adding more days for people to vote. He has organized voter registration drives at area high schools to get students interested in the political process.

Krahling is being challenged by Republican Maria Rodriguez, a contract paralegal and former magistrate court judge who had previously run for office as a Democrat. While Rodriguez has solid legal credentials, Krahling has the stronger experience as to the duties of clerk. We believe the office has been well managed in recent years and the chief deputy offers the best chance for continuity.”

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