Scott Krahling | Krahling Has Best Experience for County Clerk
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14 Jul Krahling Has Best Experience for County Clerk

Scott Krahling is the right person to be our next county clerk. He has proven integrity, experience running elections and passion to get more people voting in Doña Ana County. As a longtime members of our community, our family values public service.

Krahling registered over 300 people at 15 high schools and launched a plan to educate voters in English and Spanish. For the first time, the Clerk’s Office opened on Memorial Day and 460 people voted in honor of someone who died while serving our country. We had access to information about lines at polling locations, access to sample ballots online, and free bus rides to the polls.
Experience matters in administering solid elections. Krahling’s actions have demonstrated his experience in running fair elections with results we can trust. Scott Krahling has my vote for our next county clerk.
Diana Archuleta,
Las Cruces
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