Scott Krahling | Scott Krahling Biography
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Scott Krahling


Public service is one of my core values and not just a job. Moreover public service means working together towards success.


I am passionate about actively participating in my community and engaging with others. I enjoy meeting my fellow neighbors in Las Cruces and listening to both their appreciation of our beautiful city, and also their concerns. I invite them to make their voices heard in our local elections with their votes.


I am a lifelong New Mexican and a resident of Las Cruces for 20 years. I’m a proud Aggie and although raised in Albuquerque, I consider Las Cruces my home. My wife, Robin, and I, and our two children, Kaitlin and Parker, are active in our community. Kaitlin participates in cheerleading and both my children play soccer. I’m a proud soccer dad who helps coach the team. It was Kaitlin’s birth that inspired me to become a public servant because like any father, I want the best for my family. So rather than stand on the sidelines, I chose to run for office and become active in creating the quality of life I want not only for my family but for our families.


Face to face conversations with people matter. My commitment to working toward the betterment of my neighbors was passed on by my parents, from my mother who worked as a teacher in the Albuquerque Public School system, and my father, who served the people of our state in various capacities including Superintendent of Insurance. Some of my earliest memories include working alongside my family on behalf of local political campaigns, walking together going door to door passing out information for candidates, and having one to one conversations. It was then I learned that conversations matter because they are central to positive change.


I was successfully elected County Commissioner the first time I ran for public office in 2008. I credit my success to the passion I have to serve people, and the many years of experience learning from my parents as we walked our neighborhoods door to door. I served on the Doña Ana County Board of County Commission from 2009-2012, and achieved many accomplishments. As a commissioner, I worked to revise the code of conduct and ethic rules by utilizing our resources at New Mexico State University. This began annual ethics training for all county employees which continues to this day. I negotiated a substantial completion ordinance with the building industry to ensure responsible growth in the county. One of my proudest accomplishment was when I spearheaded the establishment of the Community Unity Coalition Against Bullying to help keep our children safe from bullying. These are a few successes I had in my years as commissioner, however, my greatest accomplishment ultimately led to sacrificing what I loved to do, but it was worth it.


I lead with a bold vision for a better future. In 2012, I led the debate to prevent gerrymandering in my district. I knew that it would take me out of my district, but it would harm voters in my district and I could not let that happen. Voters should have a fair chance of choosing their elected officials, not the other way around. Gerrymandering is a political tactic that favors one person over the other, and so I fought hard to keep the boundaries fair for all voters. Our victory led to me losing my position, but I gained even a greater sense of what it meant to truly serve my community and make a difference.


I am committed to fair elections for all voters in Dona Ana County. In 2013, I began working at the County Clerk’s Office as the Bureau of Elections Supervisor, and in September 2014, I was promoted to Chief Deputy County Clerk. Fair elections for all voters starts with me, our dedicated staff, and our goal to bring the community together towards success. Voters can count on elections with trustworthy results, and the public can count on excellent service from our office.


I am ready to continue to provide solid leadership based on integrity and experience as your next County Clerk.