Scott Krahling | Doña Ana County Clerk
Scott Krahling, Doña Ana County Clerk, campaign, elections, Las Cruces
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“Together we will strengthen the voting culture in Doña Ana County.” – Scott Krahling


I protect your vote with integrity. I never hesitate to vote for the best interests of my constituents. As a commissioner, I voted for district boundaries that would protect voters in my district. It meant that I could no longer serve as a commissioner, but I was committed to keeping the district fair and representative. As Chief Deputy Clerk, I am proud to say that every election I have overseen has been without any major issues, protecting every vote in Dona Ana County.


It takes experience to administer elections with results you can trust. This is not a job that can be learned as you go. As Chief Deputy Clerk, I have been on the job for 3 years, and I am ready to be your next County Clerk. There are hundreds of moving parts to an election, and it takes a skilled leader to manage them all. I am the experienced leader who will ensure this process is protected and works each election cycle.


I lead with a vision to build a voting culture in Dona Ana County and close the voting gap. I will lead efforts to educate people about voting, take registration to the people instead of waiting for them to come to us, and remind people that their vote is their voice. Also, I will ensure that every qualified student knows why voting matters and is registered to vote before they graduate high school. I have already taken steps towards this vision, and am committed to seeing it through as your next County Clerk.


FAIR ELECTIONS FOR ALL VOTERS – I am a voter first, and I cast my vote along with you every election. Protecting every vote guides my decisions and is my top priority. I will make sure that every vote counts because every person matters. While a county commissioner I prevented the gerrymandering of commission districts and stood up for the principle of one person one vote even though it resulted in moving me out of my district. I will lead with the same integrity as County Clerk.


ELECTION RESULTS WE CAN TRUST –  In 2013 I was hired as the Supervisor of Elections and I immediately began to administer every county election. In a short time I was promoted to Chief Deputy Clerk, the position I hold today. I will invest in staff development to ensure that we have the most qualified people administering our elections, and I will continue to lead with the crucial experience necessary to make sure our elections are administered according to the law. I want election day to be a good experience for every voter in Dona Ana County.


VISION TO INCREASE VOTING IN DOÑA ANA COUNTY – Voting matters because people matter, and we must inspire people to vote in every election. The act of voting may be the end result, but developing a positive message of voting that people can believe in is the foundation for lasting change. I will increase community outreach and engage residents as partners. Together we will do more to remind people why voting matters, take registration directly to the people, and increase voting in Dona Ana County. I will also implement an outreach plan targeted to youth in our community with a goal to have every qualified student registered to vote before graduation.

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I will engage youth in conversations about why voting matters and we will have a positive and lasting impact on voter participation in our community.


I believe in democracy and I’m running for County Clerk to ensure that we have fair elections for all voters.